Own a Flapjack

PixelFlapjacks on the Solana blockchain are 820 algorithmically generated collectable NFTs incorporating 175 possible traits of varying rarity randomly distributed across 6 layers, giving you an even playing field to mint the most coveted Flapjacks!


The Story

Flapjacks are cute-looking, but don’t underestimate them. They are predators. The leader of the Flapjacks is called Moonjack. He is the first Flapjack to ever go to the moon and is now on a mission to other planets together with his army of Flapjacks.

PixelFlapjacks nft




The man behind many Flapjack ideas.



Creative mastermind known for his unique style.



The man who can sell anything.



Problem solving champion.


How Will Pixel Flapjacks be Launched?

Join our Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates. All Pixel Flapjacks purchases will be made at www.Pixelflapjacks.com on the 27th of September 2021, 5pm UTC / 10am PST

How do I buy a Pixel Flapjack?

Connect your Solana wallet (We recommend Phantom) and click the “Mint” button. Approve the transaction and please wait a minute or two for the minting process to complete. Please note:Mint” button will be added on launch date!

How much does each Flapjack cost?

The price is 1 Sol (price can change depending on Solana price on launch date) with a randomly distributed fair launch, giving everyone the ability to mint Flapjacks with the rarest traits.

How many Pixel Flapjacks can I mint?

Max 10 Pixel Flapjacks per transaction.

When will my Flapjack reveal?

Your Pixel Flapjack will be revealed instantly.

Will there be any royalties?

2.5% royalties for the secondary market.

What are the charities you're donating To?

Charitable causes will be decided by the community with a voting system.

Why should I buy a Pixel Flapjack?

Beyond granting you access to a unique Pixel Flapjack, full commercial license, and merch, you will be able to use your Pixel Flapjack in gameplay and participate in free giveaways and other owner-exclusive advantages.

How do I know if I won a GIVEAWAY?

The winner list will be announced on our Discord and Twitter. We have already announced some winners from our Invite contests and other Giveaways. Join Discord to participate in new contests or Giveaways!